Rolex, a timeless symbol of luxury and excellence, is a prestigious brand manufacturing watches of the highest quality. But why buy a Rolex? And which one to choose? Does a watch of this price necessarily require maintenance? Answers on

Why buy a Rolex?


Everyone talks about Rolex and its exceptional watches, but what is so special about this brand? To find out, you have to look back and follow the story of the young Hans Wilsdorf, founder of the company.

Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in 1905, with the aim of distributing quality wristwatches to its customers, wristwatches which, at the time, were not very precise. However, only 5 years later, Rolex received the first official Swiss certificate of proper functioning granted to a wristwatch (Switzerland being renowned for the precision of its mechanisms) and less than 10 years later, in 1914, Rolex received the first Class A precision certificate from Kew Observatory, a certificate reserved for marine chronometers.

As you will have understood, Rolex has been a symbol of excellence since its creation, which continues to break world records as the ingenuity of its teams is so enduring. Thereby :

In 1926, Rolex patented the first waterproof and dustproof watch;

In 1931, Rolex invented a “Perpetual” rotor automatic winding system that is found today in all modern automatic watches;

In 1956, Rolex invented the first wristwatch displaying the day of the week in full on the dial;

In 1960, Rolex invented the first watch designed to withstand depths of 10,916 meters. This record will be beaten by the brand in 2012 by designing the first watch that resists 12,000 meters deep;

In 2007, Rolex invented the first watch with a programmable countdown timer with mechanical memory.

Beyond an innovative and technological vision of the wristwatch, Rolex is also committed to the high quality of its products. Not only do these have excellent technical characteristics and robustness, but be aware that the watches on sale have all passed through tests in extreme conditions, such as the Oysterlock clasps, which are subjected to 26 different drop tests!

Which Rolex to choose?

To choose the right Rolex, it is best to go to one of the brand's 100 distributors around the world. You can then test for yourself the different straps, the different functions of the watches, see the colors that appeal to you the most... You can also choose a very technological watch like a classic diver's watch, depending on the personality you want to convey.

Here are the models of Rolex watches that are ideal for men:
The Cosmograph Daytona
The Datejust and Datejust II
The Day-date
The Air King
The sky dweller
The Sea Dweller
The Pearlmaster
The GMT-Master II
Explorer and Explorer II
The Yacht Master and Yacht Master II
The Milgauss
The Oyster Perpetual
The Deepsea
The Submariner
The Rolex Submariner is the brand's best-selling watch, and probably the most counterfeited. It will therefore be necessary to check the certificate of authenticity of your watch and go to an official store.

How to clean your Rolex?


When you know the price of the Rolex Submariner, you say to yourself that the watch has an interest in lasting a long time! On the mechanical side, this will be the case. On the other hand, for its aesthetics, it is up to you to maintain it and clean it when necessary.

To clean the dial and the case of your watch, two solutions are available to you. If the watch has poor water resistance, use a soft cloth or a soft, dry toothbrush. IF your watch is water resistant, clean it with soapy water, rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth.

Warning: the crown must be pushed in and screwed down well to prevent water from entering the case. It is also advisable to remove the strap of the watch, especially if it is leather. Finally, be delicate: gold is very sensitive and scratches easily.

To clean the bracelet of your watch, several solutions are available to you once again, depending on the material in which your bracelet was made:

In steel: proceed in the same way as the case of the watch;

In rubber: use soapy water then dry the bracelet;

Leather or fabric: rub regularly with a soft cloth.

It will also be necessary to have your watch serviced on average every 5 years for the reliability of its mechanics. Please note that all new Rolex watches come with a 5-year international warranty.


And you, what is your favorite Rolex?